Md Sohail Alam

Foundation Maths Faculty

Sohail Alam is a highly respected and experienced faculty member specializing in Foundation Maths. With 9 years of teaching experience, he is known for his exceptional classroom management skills. Sohail Alam prioritizes student-centered instruction and fosters a safe and conducive learning environment for his students. He designs engaging lesson plans that inspire and encourage students to excel in their academic pursuits. By effectively identifying students’ weaknesses, Sohail Alam implements tailored teaching and learning strategies to enhance their understanding and performance in those areas.

In addition to his teaching career, Sohail Alam is currently pursuing an M.Tech degree in Thermal Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia. This academic pursuit further enriches his knowledge and expertise in the field, enabling him to provide valuable insights and guidance to his students in Foundation Maths.

Diversity of Experiences

Sohail Alam initiated his teaching journey in 2013 at Inspiration Classes, where he honed his skills for a period of three years. In 2016, he took a significant step by establishing his own coaching center called “Tech Well Classes.” Building upon his entrepreneurial experience, Sohail Alam joined Azim Premji Foundation in 2020, further expanding his impact in the education sector. Presently, he is an esteemed faculty member at Talent Zone Academy, utilizing his expertise to guide and inspire students in their academic pursuits.