About AMD-40 Program

The Talent Zone Academy has partnered with Association of Muslim Doctors (AMD) and World Organisation of Religions & Knowledge (WORK) to launch the AMD 40 Program, a socially driven initiative aimed at identifying and supporting exceptional and deserving students in their pursuit of a medical career. This comprehensive program offers free of cost a fully-residential, one-year intensive coaching experience for students who have completed Class XII and are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG).

The AMD 40 Program is a highly beneficial opportunity for students who are committed to achieving their dreams of becoming a doctor. This initiative seeks to provide a supportive and nurturing environment that will help students achieve their full potential and prepare them for the rigorous demands of the medical entrance exam. With its fully residential component, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in the learning experience and benefit from round-the-clock support.

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Rigorous selection process for student admission.

Comprehensive curriculum covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Experienced and qualified faculty members specializing in respective subjects.

Financial support provided to students from diverse backgrounds.

Emphasis on holistic development, including values and ethics.

Active engagement of students through extracurricular activities and guest lectures.

19 students expected to secure government MBBS seats.

CPTs, Tests & Assignments

A set of 40 subject-specific questions is provided to the students on a daily basis.

Upon the culmination of the entire chapter, students will be presented with an assignment comprising approximately 100-150 questions.

To monitor student progress and understanding, regular assessments are conducted through daily, weekly, and monthly tests.

A comprehensive array of tests will be administered throughout the course, comprising approximately 18,640 questions in total.

The course includes 96 CPTs, 24 Part Syllabus Tests, and 50 Full-Length Tests, providing comprehensive evaluation and insights for student improvement.


The three core subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, are taught daily, six days a week, with each class lasting for 1.5 hours. In total, 18 classes are conducted within a week. Moreover, dedicated doubt clearing sessions are held in the evenings, providing individualized attention to address students’ questions and concerns. 

At Talent Zone Academy, our esteemed faculty members hail from prestigious institutions such as IITs and possess extensive experience working in renowned coaching institutes like Allen, Aakash, FIITJEE, etc. Their expertise and background contribute to the high-quality instruction provided at our academy.


This comprehensive course is designed to thoroughly prepare students for the NEET 2024 examination. Our dedicated team of instructors will equip students with the necessary competence and confidence through extensive problem-solving practice in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Emphasizing problem-solving skills, our teachers aim to enable students to successfully clear the competitive exam on their initial attempt.


Our academy is proud to have committed and experienced faculty members with over 20 years of working experience from prestigious institutes like IITs.


The course is scheduled to commence tentatively on July 1st.


The admission process for our program involves a scholarship test, evaluation of previous NEET scores, and a personal interview to assess the candidates' suitability for enrollment.


The course includes 96 CPTs, 24 Part Syllabus Tests, and 50 Full-Length Tests, providing comprehensive evaluation and insights for student improvement.​


Each batch will accommodate a maximum of 40 students, allowing for optimal interaction, personalized attention, and effective learning outcomes.


We offer individualized doubt clearing sessions, ensuring that students have the opportunity for one-on-one interactions with our faculty.



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