Mohammad Vasif

Mathematics Faculty

Md Vasif is an accomplished educator in the field of mathematics with a wealth of experience spanning over seven years. Graduating with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2023,  Mr Vasif chose to channel his expertise into teaching, where he has made significant strides in shaping the academic journey of numerous students.

His teaching journey commenced in 2018 with ECC Classes in Chitranjan, where he honed his pedagogical skills and established a strong foundation in imparting mathematical concepts effectively. With dedication and commitment, Md Vasif navigated through various academic challenges, emerging as a beacon of success in the educational landscape.

Diversity of Experiences

Beyond traditional classroom settings, Mr Vasif extended his pedagogical prowess to the digital realm, serving as a subject matter expert for Chegg India Pvt Ltd. In this capacity, he leveraged his expertise in solving more than 6000 mathematical problems. His proficiency in addressing diverse mathematical challenges earned him recognition and appreciation from students and colleagues alike.

Md Vasif is currently embarked on a journey of further academic enrichment as he pursues a Ph.D. in Thermal Physics from Jamia Millia Islamia. Through his dual roles as a Ph.D. student and a member of Talent Zone Academy,  Mr Vasif embodies the ethos of lifelong learning and continuous growth.