Kashif Raza

Physics Faculty

Kashif Raza is a passionate and hardworking Physics faculty member with a love for educating today’s youth. Adept in creating a comprehensive way of teaching that meets the NEET and IIT standards of learning, Kashif Raza is a highly dedicated individual who aims at enhancing the performance of students so that they can become confident for the competitive exams and develop an interest in their studies. He excels in motivating the students who often have the tendency of wandering off due to exam and subject pressure.

Kashif Raza completed his M.Tech. (Thermal) from Jamia Millia Islamia, which has provided him with a strong academic foundation in the field. His educational background, combined with his teaching experience, makes him an exceptional Physics teacher. Kashif Raza’s commitment to his students’ success goes beyond imparting knowledge; he strives to instill a genuine curiosity for Physics and nurture their potential.

Diversity of Experiences

Mr. Kashif Raza, an experienced Physics faculty member, has taught for approximately 9 years in various institutes. He began his career at Agrim Classes in Noida – sec 16, followed by a position as Head of the Department at The Wings Institute. For the past 3 years, he inspired students at Whizdom Edu Care in Kalu Sarai, New Delhi. Currently, Mr. Kashif Raza is part of Talent Zone Academy, where he continues to make a significant impact in the field of education.